Posted on January 9, 2013


The relationship between words and visual art is nothing new. However, in recent years it seems that we see less of the two working together. As we grow older, most of the books we have to read as adults do not contain the illustrations we loved through our childhood. Poetry&Paint aims to bring back the spirit of the likes of William Blake, his work pictured below. One reason for the lack of illustration is possibly down to cutting costs. With the rise of the digital age, it is a small pleasure in life to bask in the luxury of an object of beauty. When words on a page will read just as well electronically, it is the additional details that make the physical book extra special.


Poetry and visual art particularly are both examples of an indulgence. You need to take time over them and cannot rush through them like a gripping novel. They allow time for reflection, and let the audience work towards finding a meaning that resonates with them. That said, this project goes beyond the form of the titles “poetry” and “paint” as submissions have offered an array of different interpretations of the concept.

On Saturday March 30th Poetry&Paint will be celebrated with an event taking place at The Showcase, part of Craft Central (33-35 St John’s Square London EC1M 4DS). From February, an anthology of the work will be collected and printed, which will be available at the event. You will see the word being depicted through collaborations with physical paint, digital paint, 3D models, photography, film, font and graphics; even light and sound. There will also be explorations of the use of words within the work of visual artists, as part of their normal practice, as well as pieces inspired by mythology and those inspired by spoken word artists on stage. There are artists that fill both roles; experimenting with form, and asemic writing.

So, keep the event date in your diary, and make sure to submit before 31/01/13!

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