Sunshine by Chris Wayne – call for a visual response

Posted on April 29, 2013


Poetry&Paint are looking to do some artistic match-making for the next installment, on the theme of weather. I asked for sunshine, and I got it – Chris Wayne has submitted the poem below and so Poetry&Paint is now on the hunt for a visual artist to respond to the poem. Please contact to express your interest and submit your response.


I’m sitting
on a park bench
seeing nature’s skeletal frames
all around me

And I’m smiling
as I see you
lying on a blanket
of nature’s shredded skin

You’ve a radiance
that surrounds you
and keeps me warm
despite the cold

And your splashing
of nature’s skin
reminds me of your love of the pool

You’re also floating
in the water
on your back

On your back
is where I next see you
Floating between life and death

The cadence of your beat
helping my comfort
then bleep….

A watery film obscures my vision
and I close my eyes

When they open
my vision’s returned
but you have not
and the pile you played on is undisturbed SNOWSTORM

Just like my memory of you
My darling sunshine


Chris Wayne is a writer who has been performing poetry since July 2011, predominantly in the Midlands. He is due to perform at Inky Fingers  in Edinburgh at the end of May. @ChrisWayne9

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