Visual Artist Wanted for Submission by Raymond Antrobus

Posted on May 5, 2013


Raymond Antrobus has submitted the poem below and Poetry&Paint is now looking to match-up a visual artist to respond to the poem. Please contact to express your interest and submit your response.

Interrogating Depression

Before you hit the garden party
consider your mood –

is it a water can
or a bad cloud?

You’re doing your best
to feel like the right weather.

You know if it stays too long
you won’t look both ways
when crossing the street.

You try to peel it away
like a towel
that wipes your dirt.

It shows in pictures
you don’t want taken.

When you talk to it
is your language loud enough
to ask what dark spot
you can meet at?

Will it show up
in a mine cart
as a shadow in a rain coat?
Does it come just to change
the colour of your day?

How much light can you touch inside your
self –

Where no one hears
how it hides in laughter
that almost has you dying.

This is why you started running
through the marshes
noticing  how grass sags
around the filter bed.

Bicycles understand you–
they feel every bump
in the road.
They’re chained to railings
watching cars move
with speed
they’ll never have.

Your weight
keeps you slow
you can’t keep up with the keep-coming

You see the whole moon
as a creature
that eats you.

It takes the current
out your water
with the skill to drown you
making waves no one rides
but you.

If this is true

You are not the right weather,

You will not go
to the party.

Taken from Raymond Antrobus’s first collection – ‘Shapes & Disfigurements’

Raymond’s first collection of poetry & conversations is OUT NOW on ‘Burning Eye Books’
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