Roy Lichtenstein

Posted on May 19, 2013



Poetry& Paint was recently inspired by Tate Modern’s retrospective on Roy Lichtenstein.

It was interesting to see beyond the popular images, and get to grips with how truly talent Lichtenstein was, as well as exploring his sense of humour, intelligence and wit. As well as the classic comic parodies, he also explored the concept of painting and art itself, dabbled in sculpture and the boundaries of the canvas, and produced pieces with a unique take on landscapes.

Lichtenstein has a distinctive style and used words, whether in comic-style speech bubbles or onomatopoeic depictions of loud noises.

You can also find a range of merchandise in the Tate Modern Shop. Poetry&Paint nabbed an Explosion badge and is hankering after a Hopeless cushion cover.

The exhibition ends on 27th May, so make sure to make a visit.

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