Norwich Street Art

Posted on May 26, 2013



Poetry&Paint has been enjoying passing this comic strip on the subway near St Crispins Road in Norwich. However, on closer inspection, we noticed that “you’re” has been spelt “your”. This ruins the whole piece. If anyone else sees it and has a pen handy, don’t correct the mistake above the speech bubble, do it inside, so we can all enjoy the work without recoiling into ourselves at the awful grammar.

This highlights the need for proofreading your work for errors – a crime the editor of Poetry&Paint has been guilty of herself. It also highlights the terrible state of grammar in this country, which is something the editor is all too aware of as an Academic Mentor for English. So, just to be clear, “your” is possessive (my artwork, his artwork, her artwork, our artwork, their artwork) and “you’re” is simply an abbreviation of “you are”. You can replace it to double check your usage is correct e.g. you are a lovely young lady, you know thaat?! The double punctuation and elongated ‘a’ sound, I’ll allow for effect.

If you are the artist of this work, please do submit to Poetry&Paint, but also remember to check your grammar.


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