Looking for Lost Visual Artist

Posted on June 30, 2013


Poetry&Paint has seen some great submissions of visual art and poetry working together. However, we need to match up our lonely poem, currently hiding ‘Under the Duvet.’ Let the Rehan Qayoom’s words come alive with your visual depictions. Send your responses to the editor at: carminamasoliver@hotmail.com.

Under the Duvet

Last night I wrote a poem in my head
But found nothing to write it down
This morning I remembered
Not a word

How welcome it felt then, half a world away
From the sights, sounds, smells of the world outside
Nothing possible, emptiness
Provoking me to yarn my dreams of the Hortus Conclusus
A return to the womb – Till daylight-burst
Returned sight, sound, smell and the world outside


Sometimes I talk in perfect pentameter
When deep in conversation, and a line
Would come to me – Because I’m not a cheater
I write it down so that I know it’s mine


Sometimes I crave someone to hold, it wouldn’t blow a fuse
I’d surely die of loneliness if it wasn’t for the Muse
For the things that once inspired me, inspire me no more
I write the same stuff over and over, it’s becoming an utter bore

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