Submissions: Make

Posted on July 4, 2014


To make: to cause to exist or happen, to create, to shape, modify, construct, to build, to change from one form or function to another, to assume a specified function or role, to compel, to form in the mind, to compose, to prepare, to set in order, to engage in, to carry out, to perform, to achieve, produce, attain, to establish, draw up, arrange or agree, to arrive, to reach, to attain, to acquire, to gain, to be suited for, to develop into, to draw a conclusion, to calculate, to consider, to add up, to persuade to have sexual intercourse.

There’s something physical about the word ‘make’ to me. When looking up the dictionary definition, it appears the verb can be seen in a variety of different ways. I’m excited to see how contributors will interpret such a broad theme, and whether they reflect on their own practice in making. As humans, we are always making. If anything, it is our one purpose in life. Who doesn’t want to make their mark on the world? When confronted with our own mortality, to make is to remind ourselves why we are here, the good we can do. Yet, perhaps this complex issue is also what leads to destruction.

Make something, and send it to by the end of September (deadline extended).


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