Submissions Guideline

Submission Windows

Please submit work for the relevent issue of Poetry&Paint within the following submission windows:

1. March – August for reading and production of the anthology through September for release in October.

2. October – February for reading and production of the anthology through March for release in April.

Next Issue

Theme: Future

Deadline for both image and text: 31/08/2015

Deadline for text or image only: 31/07/2015

How to submit to Poetry & Paint

There are a few options on how to submit:

1. Submit an piece with the words and visuals – a piece that is all done by YOU! Open to interpretation (see previous issues of Poetry&Paint).
2. A collaborative work where visual artists work with the writer.
3. Examples of either textual OR visual, so we can do some poetical match-making.

Send submissions to Please note that methods 1 & 2 are preferred.


1. Please have the courtesy of emailing a short cover note outlining whether you want to be matched up someone, if you are collaborating with someone or if you are submitting both words and visuals yourself.

2. Short-form writing is generally preferred, whether poetry or flash fiction. Submit no more than 4 pages.

3. Poets with a knack for performance are heavily encouraged to submit.

4. Please include a brief biography note.

5. Anything goes with the visual side – as long as you feel it lends itself to textual collaboration.


Poetry&Paint is unfunded and for this reason there is no payment. However, contributors will get a free download of the PDF version.


But submitting work to Poetry&Paint, you are giving permission to print work in the anthology, as well as digitally. All authors retain their copyright.

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